“Repair & Maintenance of Navigational Systems” General Directorate

Organization Chart

•Provide effective Repair & Maintenance of navigational service to support Air Traffic Control on 24/7 basis.
•Identify the source of the faults, repair and test the modules.

Central Workshop for electronics

• Maintain and repair all navigational equipments within the Engineering Sector at all airports within Egypt
• Repair all faulty electronic boards(units).

Maintenance of office Equipment

•Maintain and repair all NANSC office systems(Faxes and Photocopiers).


•Install, maintain and repair NANSC antennas & masts, antenna cable networks and earthing of ground navigation systems.

PABX, Frames and Telephone Systems

• Maintain and repair NANSC PABX, frame and telephone systems

Ground Network Engineering

• Maintain and repair all NANSC ground data networks.











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