AtC Automation Directorate


“The ATC Automation” General Directorate:

1- Department of Radar and Flight data processing system
2 - Department of engineering programming and Simulation system
3 - Department of computing Cairo approach and military sites
4 - Department of ATC terminal Areas of the airports
5 - Department of Training and Backup/Crisis ATC system

Responsibilities of the General Directorate
It participates with the other General Directorates in developing and assuring proper implementation of Egyptian comprehensive Engineering and Technical Services in consistence with the convention of the International Civil Aviation.
The Automation G.D. consists of 10 computer systems deployed over 8 airports (Cairo - Hurghada - Sharm el-Sheikh - Luxor - Aswan - Borg Al Arab - Al Arish - Taba)
These systems are connected to 14 radar station distributed within the Arab Republic of Egypt to cover the whole Egyptian airspace .
Besides, to the systems related flight information centers distributed at various airports to supply the ATC Systems with aeronautical information and aviation flight data.

The main objectives:
1- To manage, organize and safe conduct of air traffic of the whole Egyptian airspace at each of:
a- Area control center
b- Approach Control and tower at CAIRO Airport
c- Approach and terminal area for domestic airports.
2- These systems include computer systems for simulation training in Cairo and airports to train ATC personnel to meet air traffic management tasks and responsibilities.
3- The ATC Systems are capable of recording and saving all databases of all air traffic movements all over Egyptian airspace to be reference documents to:
a- Assess the technical performance of the equipments and personnel.
b- Support the investigation process in cases of aviation incidents.
c- Supply the billing system with the data needed to collecting fees.
d- Support the planning tasks.
4- Performing all adaptation, map generation and amendments of ICAO related to Routes, maps and information and the addition of new airways, airports, points, beacons and prohibited areas according to operating conditions.
5- Supplying the Egyptian armed forces, represented in the Air Forces and Defense Forces with a network of computers installed in military sites to ensure the smooth coordination between Area control center and military side.






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