“Satellite Communications” General Directorate

Services provided
National satellite Network
18 enroute Radar lines from Aswan,Hurghada,Assuit ,Marsa Matruh and Dakhla & 5 RCMS lines.
72 VHF/UHF extended range covery voice channels from 12 Airports..
19 Hot line , 38 PABX telephone lines, 25 AFTN lines , 19 AIS lines, 12 fire service,19 Engineering service channels, 3 DATIS lines , RIMS stations
It serves ATC of Europe and it belongs to EGNOS system .
It includes one station in Alexanderia and another one in Abu Simbel.
It includes Four AFTN services with Nairoby,Asmara,Tripoli and Khartoum.
It includes also two Hotlines services with Tripoli and Khartoum












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