“Surveillance” general department

  • The Full surveillance Coverage of Egypt FIR is obtained through Six(6) En-Route Mono Pulse Secondary Radar with detection range of 250 NM. Ready Five (5) of them are validated to operate with selectivity mode (mode S), and these stations are located in Cairo, Mersa Matrouh, Assyut, Aswan, Hurghada. And the remaining one which operates only with mode A/C is located in Dakhla.
    The locations of the stations are chosen carefully to assure a coverage overlapping.
    The En-Route Radar Data from Radar stations Mersa Matrouh, Assyut, Huraghada, Aswan and Dakhla is Transfers to Cairo Air Navigation Center (CANC) through two Sat Network.
    All the En-Route stations are remotey controlled and monitored by more than one level.

  • There are eight (8) approach radars located in Cairo, Hurghada ,Aswan ,Luxor, Borg El Arab, Sharm El Sheikh , Taba and El Arish to feed TMA center in each airport Each station consists of :-
    • Mono- pulse secondary radar with detection range 250 NM.
    • Primary radar with detection range 60 NM.

  • One of the most recent projects in Cairo airport is the A-SMGCS system which includes two (2) surface movement radars (SMR) which is very important to secure the movement of the aircrafts and the vehicles through the maneuvering area of the airport.
    For more accuracy and radar full coverage over the runways in CAIRO Airport, NANSC currently implements a modern project Multilateration (MLAT) system which represents upgrade to A-SMGCS system and consists of (32) receiver station , (13) transmitter station , (3) transponders to check the accuracy of the operation and Central target processor(CTP).
    We use Motorola wireless canopy system to connect most of stations to the (CTP). There is a Remote and control terminal for monitoring and control the system.







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