Communication General Directorate

  • The General Directorate of Communication participates in the basic supporting services to assure proper implementation of Egyptian comprehensive and effective air traffic management and services in consistence with the International Civil Aviation Convention.

    En-Route ATC Positions Services
    Voice Communication and Control Systems VCCS

    • Provide the Air/Ground voice communication services at Air Navigation Center.
    • Provide the Ground/Ground voice communication services at Air NAV. Center.

    VHF Very High Frequency

    • The main objective of the extended range communication department is to ensure the continuity of direct communication between the aircraft & the Air Traffic Control, facilities with highest level of quality and performance.
    This done by a group of air/ground communication remote stations geographically distributed using VHF/UHF systems, This enables a complete coverage of the Egyptian FIR .

    Towers Communications <

    Department is responsible for ensuring accurate operation & maintenance for:-
    1- Air/Ground communications systems for Cairo Tower & Approach facilities in the Very High Frequency (VHF) & Ultra high frequency (UHF) bands via VHF/UHF TX/RX stations & Radio Processing Central & Working Positions in Tower & Approach.
    2- Recording / replay system in Tower & Approach.
    3- Crash Alarm system
    4- Intercom Operational Telephone system .

    Airports Communication

    The main responsibility is to:
    Maintain towers and approach communication, facilities at domestic airports.

    HF High Frequency

    •Provide HF G/G and A/G services communications within Egypt’s FIR and with some adjacent FIRs.

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