Fight inspection and calibration general department consists of:

1-Flight inspection and calibration department :

    Commissioning and periodic calibration to (ILS/DME)and (VOR/DME)station , PAPI devices and commissioning calibration to radar also the flight inspection to merva maps and the approach maps according to ICAO recommendations in arranged schedule providing a detailed report after finishing the flight inspection .

2-Fire Alarm And Fire Fighting department :

            Secure all NANSC facilities all over the country against the danger of fire using latest fire alarm and fire fighting systems approved according to national codes (NFPA).            

3-Recorder department :

    Multi Channel recording system to-record all voice communication through VHF and Telephone Communication and Hot Lines related to ATS.

4-Light Current :

      Responsible for light current systems such as (CCTV, MATV, SACS , etc.).

5-Calibration Department :

      Calibrate all measurement devices used in the engineering departments according to ISO.







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